Welcome to ABC Chalet , Tioman Island... Live in the sunshine...dance in the sea... See and stay at our place to experience it ... The nature wont lie to you...
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Tioman is a small island located in Malaysia that is a very famous spot for tourists

to explore providing all the nature and splendid water it has to offer.


The island located on the east side is surrounded by a lot of marine life and is popular among people who love to snorkel and scuba dive, not to mention the huge amount of coral reefs in the area make it a heaven on earth for those who have the dire need to explore marine life and be a bit closer to nature.


ABC Beach Resort And Restaurant is one of the places you have to check out while you are staying in Tioman Island. The beach with the relax environment offers much more that soothes the tensed senses. The resort is the place to enjoying the sunset.


Watching sunset can also be romantic & best thing to do in Tioman, especially if you are with your partner.

If you want to chill for a day then visit to this popular beach in Tioman is must thing to do on the Island.


Enjoy the nature Tioman Island has to offer...

Not in the mood for much travelling and just wanting to relax? Well Tioman has a wide range of waterfalls to offer where you can just sit and relax, enjoying the glorious nature had to offer. Asah waterfall is one of the biggest waterfalls you will see on the Island that is nearly located six kilometers from Mukut village. There are boats available to take you there.


Experience the taste of Asia Tioman has to offer...

Food lovers should try out all the delicious sea cuisine Tioman island has to offer. There are a lot of local shops open for the purpose of giving your taste buds a real taste of Asia, but there are also places such as bars and small coffee shops where hanging out for a while will count in the best moments.

Get cool gifts for your loved ones...


Tioman has the best souvenirs and other delicate items that you can buy and also take back home for your loved ones. There are quite a few malls located in the vicinity, but to experience the true Tioman, Salang Village and its local shop has the best kind of items you can take back home and buy for yourself as well.

Sightseeing in Tioman...


You can also go sightseeing in Tioman and take pictures that are a definite worth bragging about. Cool breeze, moderate temperature and friendly locals, the area is rich in culture and you can go jungle trekking or just roam around in the streets.


Indulge in the night life...

At the end of the day, every tourist likes to party and explore the night life that the place has to offer. While, Malaysia is surely not dull in the particular thought, but Tioman is peaceful is a little slow on the part. Allo is a terrific beach bar that offers a nice environment and good cheap booze.

Go on a fishing trip in Tioman...


Pulau Tioman has exquisite fish to offer that many tourists can take advantage of and enjoy fishing trips. There are no fishing restrictions on the Tioman island so you can probably grab your gear and fish in the river while enjoying a nice sunny day.


And at the end... the choice is yours...

We hope you enjoyed your vacation here and bring back a sweet memories about this place. Enjoy your holiday.



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snorkerling / outing / island hopping offer by our place

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